Curse of Strings

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Curse of Strings
Curse of Strings.png
Convert a target enemy unit with 8 or less strength to fight for you.
Basic Info
Faction Tribes of Shadowfen
Card Type Spell
Rarity Rare
Crafting cost Fusion Stone.png 12
Mana 7

Curse of Strings is one of the cards in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Curse of Strings is a rare spell that converts a sufficiently weak enough enemy to fight on your side. The strength requirement can be lowered when leveled up. Curse of Strings fits well into control decks.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Curse of Strings can be used to convert high strength units or units with powerful abilities.

  • Curse of Strings can be useful in that it can prevent a card's ability from triggering for your opponent and instead trigger for you.
  • An interesting strategy with Curse of Strings is to use it to gain a large amount of frontline at once, giving you the opportunity to play cards near the enemy base.

Levelling[edit | edit source]

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Mana 7 7 7 7 7
Ability …with 8 or less strength …with 10 or less strength …with 12 or less strength …with 15 or less strength …with 18 or less strength

Change History[edit | edit source]

  • August 7, 2017: Increased mana and maximum strength requirement by 2
  • January 31, 2018: Increased max strength requirement by 1
  • April 22, 2018: Decreased mana and strength requirement by 1
  • September 18, 2018: Decreased mana by 1
  • November 26, 2019: Increased ability by 1

Notes[edit | edit source]