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The following are common terms and their definitions, taken from the game's Support Site.

Terms[edit | edit source]

  • Base: the starting building of a player, the goal being to destroy the base of the opponent.
  • Board: refers to the area where cards are played, also called the field.
  • Bordering: this refers to the tiles or pieces directly in front, right, left or behind (a total of 4).
  • Column: a group of tiles from top to bottom.
  • Command: refers to one card causing another card to act. For example: command all units forward.
  • Cost: The total mana required to summon/play this card.
  • Death: when a card is destroyed either through combat with another unit or by entering the opponent's base.
  • Deck: An assortment of cards you have selected from your collection to play in a game. Limited to 12 cards. When in a match, 'deck' does not include cards in your 'hand' (see below).
  • Destroy: removes target from play.
  • Enemy: Any unit, structure, or base opposing you. (ie. "deal damage to the first enemy in front" will include the opposing base if no other units or structures are defending that column)
  • Fly: A movement that is not hindered by other pieces on the board
  • Freeze/Frozen: The Freeze ability will put the Frozen effect on a unit. The unit will not be able to move at the start of your turn (it cannot push your frontline forward). Other units, however, can still command a frozen unit to move.
  • Frontline: The frontline represents the area available for you to play cards on the field. The frontline will move forward with your units, opening up more tiles for you to play cards on. As units are destroyed, the frontline will move back to the most forward unit.
  • Hand: The cards displayed on your screen that you have not played yet. When in a match, 'hand' is considered separate from 'deck.'
  • Mana Mana.png: Used to summon/play this card. Mana is replenished each turn and cap is increased by 1 for each round. Also referred to as Cost.
  • Movement / Speed (Movement.png): determines how many moves the unit does when it is played. By default, a unit will move forward - unless there is an enemy it can attack.
  • On play: refers to an effect that takes place only when the card is first laid on the board/field.
  • Poison: when affected by Poison, take 1 damage at the start of each turn.
  • Push/Pull: moves a unit towards or away from another unit.
  • Respawn: refers to a card coming back into play after it has been destroyed.
  • Row: a group of tiles from left to right.
  • Strength Strength-Unit.png Strength-Hero.png Strength-Structure.png: determines how strong the card is, higher strength means they deal more damage and survive longer.
  • Structure: a static object on a tile in the field (the base is not considered a structure).
  • Surrounding: this refers to the tiles or pieces directly in front, front right, front left, right, left, right back, left back (so a total of 8).
  • Tile in front: the one tile directly in front.
  • Unit: a moving creature on a tile in the field (it can be 1 big hero or multiple small pawns).