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Twilight Prowlers

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Twilight Prowlers
Twilight Prowlers.png
When played bordering your base, gain 3 speed.
Basic Info
Faction Neutral
Card Type Unit
Unit Type Feline
Rarity Common
Crafting cost Fusion Stone.png 5
Mana 6
Strength 7
Movement 0
Threaten the home of a panther and these calm creatures become fierce predators that strike at anyone nearby.
~ Flavor text when announced

Twilight Prowlers is one of the cards in Stormbound: Kingdom Wars.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Twilight Prowlers is a common feline unit that gains speed when played near your base. Its strength can be increased by leveling it up. Twilight Prowlers is a versatile defensive card and can fit into multiple types of decks.

Strategies[edit | edit source]

Twilight Prowlers's ability gives it a high amount of movement but limits its placement to only be near your base.

  • You can use Twilight Prowlers defensively and utilize its ability to let it attack multiple units at once. Its high strength and high speed make it comparable to Hearthguards.
    • Unlike Hearthguards, Twilight Prowlers will not be able to attack the base when it is played.
  • Alternatively, you can use Twilight Prowlers aggressively to gain a large amount of frontline.
  • Note that like all other cards that gain movement, Twilight Prowlers will not show attack markers for its ability. You will have to plan out its route yourself.

Levelling[edit | edit source]

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Mana 6 6 6 6 6
Strength 7 8 10 12 15
Movement 0 0 0 0 0
Ability When played bordering your base, gain 3 speed.

Change History[edit | edit source]

  • July 25, 2019: Added to the game

Notes[edit | edit source]